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EQ Sport Sun Visor One Size Fits Most - Sun Visor for Women and Men | Golf, Tennis, Running, and Hiking

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  • 100% Polyester
  • ✔️ SHIELDS EYES FROM THE SUN - Playing your favorite outdoor sport under the sun? Wearing our lightweight sports visor prevents the blinding rays of the sun from distracting you off the game.
  • ✔️ KEEPS SWEAT AWAY - Perspiration getting in your eyes is something you don't want to happen in the heat of playing. This absorbent topless visor takes in moisture and ensures your face is dry at all times.
  • ✔️ STYLISH FASHION ACCESSORY - Our sun visor makes an excellent addition to your outfit of the day. Look great from sunup to sundown in your summer outfit, casual apparel or workout clothing.
  • ✔️ FOR ALL TYPES OF OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES - Spend a lot of time under the sun? This eye shade is ideal for you to look and feel cool and comfy while hiking, biking, driving, or just taking a stroll in the park.
  • ✔️ COOLS THE HEAD - Unlike closed caps or bonnets that trap heat, our sun visor keeps your hair and head exposed, allowing air to flow freely and cool you down while you stay under the sun.


Product description

Isn’t it frustrating when you get blinded by sweat and the sun while enjoying the outdoors?

You know how maddening it can be to get the sun in your eyes, blinding you temporarily and causing you to lose focus on the ball or on the breath-taking sights that nature has to offer.

Since you are on the move at all times, wearing your favorite pair of sunglasses is not the best idea, especially while playing sports, as they might just fall off.

Shield your eyes from sun and sweat with EQ Sport Sun Visor.

Our sun visor is the perfect companion for sunny days, shielding your eyes from the angry glare of the sun while you play golf, tennis and volleyball, or go camping, hiking and jogging. Made of quick-dry polyester material, this head gear will keep your head dry and cool all day.

Don't want sweat to get in your eyes? Our visor is fitted with moisture-wicking fabric around the forehead area to absorb and prevent sweat from stinging your eyes.

Featuring a striped elastic band and an embroidered logo, this sports accessory will make you look like a real pro in no time. It is easily adjustable and suitable for both men and women who love the outdoors.

Can’t make a decision just yet? Here are more features of our unisex sun sports visors:

✔️ Hand washable
✔️ One size fits most
✔️ Flexible fit
✔️ Superior breathability
✔️ Does not restrict your head or hair
✔️ 21" inner circumference
✔️ 100% Polyester

At EQ Sport we are committed to designing the best products with both functionality and style in mind.


We are committed to providing customer service to the highest standards. 

Look cool and keep the sun out of your eyes. Add EQ Sport Sun Visor to your cart TODAY!