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About Us

Who We Are

Created by founder Essie Qu - EQ Sport was born out of her love for golf and snowboarding. Her passion for sports and entrepreneurship sparked her journey to start a brand that combines simplicity, energy, and function.

Our designs are simple and sophisticated. We embody these beliefs to our own lifestyle.

“It’s not just a sport brand, it’s a way of life.”
– EQ Sport

Our Spirit

Our company is made up of a group of dedicated and passionate people who strive to be the best version of themselves. We continuously improve the products we make. We believe in celebrating hard work and success. Sweat comes from the hard work we put into our designs and the active lifestyles we lead. It’s our obsession.

Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves on putting tremendous consideration and care into every step of the process. Every detail from design creation to customer service is held to the highest standard. We ensure every stitch and seam is made to perfection. Instead of creating endless variations of products we focus on improving functions.

We Are a Lifestyle Brand

The vision is to create athleisure that brings pure comfort and simplicity to both men and women. Our products are designed to be comfortable, durable, and highly functional. From sun visors to snowboard bags, everything is designed with purpose and never random. Sport permeates all aspects of our lives through personal, work, and leisure.

At EQ Sport we are motivated by the joy you experience when climbing that peak, at breaking your own records and setting exercise goals you never imagined. Feel a sense of confidence, and pride when you wear EQ sportswear.

“We Believe Everyone Can Be an Athlete in Their Own Way.” – EQ Sport